Project Objectives

CARE/SS aims to develop a transformative pedagogical framework for online and blended learning specifically for arts education and test its application by developing and delivering innovative teacher trainings that will empower teachers in arts education. Arts education can respond to the increasingly diverse needs for active citizenship, multiculturalism, respect of diversity, digital learning and sustainable development.

CARE/SS pecifically seeks to:
  1. Develop a transformative pedagogical framework for online and blended learning specifically for arts education and contemporary developments in the arts that are characterized by the experiential/practical component of these fields and the creative production of messages which are socially negotiated and culturally formed. Also to train academics to utilize this framework.
  2. Develop localized training curricula and materials (by the trained academics) within undergraduate or postgraduate degrees or continuous professional development courses addressed to pre-service and/or in-service primary school teachers and/or secondary school teachers with no arts specialization. Further academics will be required to adopt a transdisciplinary approach with the flexibility of focusing to couple or more of the arts disciplines and giving the weight to one or more than one of these disciplines.
  3. Evaluate local teacher training programs based on the innovative educational practices emerging by online and/or blended learning as well as a transdisciplinary approach for arts education.
  4. Create a culture of collaboration to promote excellence between participants, through establishing professional communities of learning as a means of professional development. Peer support is a crucial component of social learning.
  5. Revise the framework based on the case studies and produce a handbook to support Higher
    Education Institutions to develop and implement innovative arts education courses in an online and blended environment. The guide will include illustrations based on the local teacher training programs.
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