Project Impact

CARE/SS is a multidimensional project that seeks to strengthen common attributes and objectives between digital learning, education through the arts and education for sustainable development maximizing the benefits for all areas. Through the project we seek to have a substantial positive impact on the participating organization and their staff and in particular to improve the skills and competencies of academics/tutors to offer quality arts education in a fully online or blended mode thus increasing the access to the arts.

Further, by focusing on critical pedagogy, sustainability, socially engaged arts academics can connect arts education with real life needs and important sustainable development goals. Consequently teachers-to be and teachers will be trained to promote the ideals of sustainable development through arts classes, enhance their classes with real life, school opening activities and thereby transmit these skills and values to their pupils. Simultaneously these activities can have an impact on all participating and collaborating organizations. More analytically the expected impact of CARE/SS would be:


  • Supporting in innovative online pedagogies, including transdisciplinary approaches, new curriculum design, delivery and assessment methods 
  • Supporting in developing and testing virtual and blended types of cooperation and the use of different digital tools and online platforms 
  • Supporting and enhancing in-service teacher and pre-service training, in arts education (produced scientific knowledge and end products delivered by the project)
  • Acquiring scientific knowledge and information on pedagogies that will promote the sustainability values and principles within their programs of study, especially within the arts education curricula
  • Inspiring and supportive for the network and for other scholars
  • Providing them with an insight into novel forms of teacher education based on adult learning that promote collaborative team work for obtaining common objectives in online or blended environment
  • Contributing to the overall academic knowledge on socially engaged arts to achieve sustainable development goals 
  • Influencing on the practice of key people at teacher training institutions

FOR STUDENTS (undergraduates & postgraduates) / TEACHER PRACTITIONERS/ SCHOOLS:

  • Developing participants’ skills and competencies for transdisciplinary integration of SD values and concepts in arts education (e.g. connection of contemporary art with real life issues and SD values),
  • Empowering participants’ abilities to transfer to their pupils/future pupils arts and SD skills, competencies and comprehension of SD concepts and issues (social, cultural and environmental).
  • Providing professional growth to the participating teachers & offer increased motivation and  satisfaction in daily work/ in their learning at the university 
  • Promoting a culture of professional collaboration, interaction and support to the peers that will result to the delivery of better education
  • Inspiring and support collaboration and networking with teachers, schools and academic institutions


  • Supporting and enhancing the implementation of the new educational policy and curricula
  • Influencing on the arts education and SD perceptions of key people at policy making positions
  • Providing an insight to the current conditions and needs of teachers-to-be/ teachers in the area of arts education and its connection with real life and sustainability.
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